Get equipped:

“Enlarging our Capacity for Intercession and the Harvest” – Temi’s call to the RMMA city-church (please click image below to watch on Vimeo”):


Download Temi’s message as a Word.docx, then please watch: “What is intercession?” (7 mins).

Do you want to help grow your congregation’s capacity for intercession? Are you familiar with Cheryl Sacks, The Prayer Saturated Church (NavPress)? Could you get it for your church’s library?

Try this helpful guide to learn how to pray for one hour. Easier than you may think – here.

Learn to pray for your pastor and other front-line ministry leaders – here

Take your congregation or prayer group through a great course on prayer:

  • The Bible itself is the best teacher. To reflect on Biblical prayers or to pray them yourself, click on these links for Old Testament prayerx or New Testament prayers.
  • Coastal Church in Pitt Meadows web message series “The Prayer Track” here. (“Our prayers lay down the tracks on which God’s power comes” – Watchman Nee)
  • 24/7:
  • PRMI Dunamis course:The Power of Prayer” (you will need to open a (free) account to access videos).

Fuel the fire:

Sustainable, impactful revival:

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