Arts and Media – Climbing Mountains

Is it possible to change culture, reach the city, the world, and help the poor – all in a few short years? Yes: with compelling movies. You see, everyone loves a good TV show, both rich and poor watch movies, and our culture is created by stories. Arts and Media shape the worldview of millions.

Christians must climb the “media mountain” to show the world the grace and glory of Christ’s Kingdom. John Martens has a vision of Christian film school helping young people and others touch the hearts of thousands, yes millions, pointing to Christ’s Kingdom. Contact him at

Creation Point Ministry aims to train Christians to make movies of all types and sizes that will explode world missions, spearhead evangelism and mold social change. This can’t be done without prayer. That’s why we work and pray together. Together we can take the mountain of media – a mountain to conquer all mountains.

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