Prayer Walking – Next Steps…

You may have been prayer walking your neighborhood and wondered “what’s next?”

Prayerfully consider building on your spiritual foundation of prayer walking with one or more of these next steps…

Map – write names of people you’ve met or other characteristics of the home or business you’ve been praying for. You can draw a simple map yourself or print something from the web. Information jotted on the map can be a memory aid and aid to prayer. We keep our map on a cupboard door so we’re reminded often.

Lighthouse – You may have met another grateful follower of Christ on your street. You can invite that person to pray with you at some regular occasion for the Kingdom to come to your street. Form a missional colony. This is the essential meaning of ekkelesia in the New Testament at the time of its writing.[1] A lighthouse can grow to include other ministries on your street but begins with prayer.

Block-party – An important step towards building community on your street can take place through an annual block party over food and fun activities. Relationships develop. Often a person of peace emerges who is open to spiritual conversation.

Good News to Share – Your lighthouse may join with you in sharing a tangible expression of the Good News in your neighborhood. You could consider The Jesus Film, becoming a Messenger of Hope at Christmas ( or other small meaningful gift to your neighbors.

Circle of Hope – you could invite those the Lord leads you to into a conversation about Biblical grace and truth. A model the Lord has used to bring millions to Christ around the world is outlined here: You may have heard of it as Discovery Bible Study, Circle of Faith or other term. Disciple making remains the heart of the Great Commission.

If you’d like to talk, let me know (


[1] If you’re interested in reading more find a copy of Ed Silvoso, That None Should Perish (Ventura, CA: Regal Books, 1994) or James Montgomery, I’m Gonna Let It Shine: 10 Million Lighthouses to Go (Pasadena, CA: William Carey Library, 2001).


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